June 10, 2004

6/10/04 Pollock SD

41 miles (1435 total)

Woke up to rain, packed in the rain, rode to Mobridge in the rain. Found a bakery for a little breakfast (Sugar!), then headed north out of town.

The morning I rode up along a sort of ridge line that followed the Lake Oaha/ Missouri River. Reminded me a lot of the Pyrenees. But also exposed to the elements.

That's the river way down there...

More headwinds and the rain felt like sleet when it hit ya'! Lots of hills today too. Ended up walking a half dozen inclines because I just couldn't go up the hill against that wind. Finally, after about 15-miles, I turned ever so slightly and got a tailwind.

The scenery was breathtaking even with clouds covering most of the sky. You just can't capture the view in a camera. You could see for ten miles at least. Little brown and black specks turned into cows. And the road truly looked like a ribbon laid over hill and dale.

Feeling kind of exposed up here...

You're just too exposed up here. Took a break for lunch and tried to use the bike as a windbreak to not much effect. And just in case I decided to dilly-dally, it started to rain again.

Still, the miles seemed to flow easily as the rain pushed me north. I could see Pollock about five miles before I reached it. Headed for the Pollock Cafe. The fatigue just kind of sneaked up on me. Just sat and did nothing for a while.

I'm in Pollock, as a guest of Ron d Joyce Gerhardt. Through the website, they offered me a place to stay when I came through town. They live in Bismark, but have a lake house here. They gave me the number of Alvena, a local woman who would unlock the house.

As I was leave the cafĂ©, some local ladies gave me advice “If she get's ya' lost, come back and we'll show you the way.” All laughing. As I got on the bike, a honk and a wave told me Alvena was going to lead the way with her Buick.

Ron and Joyce are driving down tonight, on their way to the Black Hills of South Dakota. It will be cool to thank them in person for everything.

More rain this evening along with thunderstorms. A good night to be under a roof instead of a coffin-size tent!