May 30, 2004

5/30/04 Lewis & Clark State Park

27 miles (837 total)

Oh boy, did it storm last night! Even though everything in the tent stayed dry, I was glad to be sleeping on the porch. Lots of tornadoes but thankfully no fatalities.

Just a bit of sunshine as I packed up. Jim brought me over a souvenir t-shirt from the campground. What a guy! Said my ever-grateful 'thank you's to Mike and Kim before heading back out on the road.

Once out of the confines of the 'campopolis', I got a taste of the day to come; strong crosswinds. Tailwinds are a blessing and headwinds are just hard work. But crosswinds are a curse, especially when you share the road with cars and trucks. Sometimes it's hard to keep a straight line, and suddenly you're off in a ditch, or worse under the wheels of truck.

And to make matters even more 'interesting', a bridge was out on my route, so the detour took me on the interstate for ten miles. Lucky for me it was early Sunday morning on a holiday weekend, so traffic was pretty light.

Can't go that way!

Finally got back on county roads at Blencoe where I talked to a few old-timers at the convenience store. The sun kept trying to come out but these winds just kept pushing more clouds in the way.

Definitely needed a break once I reached Onawa. At first, I couldn't tell where to eat lunch at until I noticed quite a few cars parked just down the street. The Onawa Cafe was doing great with the Sunday after church crowd. They even give you a free sundae on Sunday. Mmm!

By now, the skies sure didn't look friendly. Probably should have splurged for a motel room, but the folks I met so far at the campgrounds have me looking for forward to new friends. And maybe a free meal. [grin] But when I got to the Lewis & Clark State Park, my hopes were dashed. Lots of local families very intent on their own holiday weekend, instead of looking at the lone bike riding through looking for a campsite. But I did get a slight discount ($11 instead of the regular $16) by camping in the youth group area. They're building a new Lewis & Clark Center here but it won't be completed until this Fall. But they do have a replica keel boat out in the water. Met a woman and her family from Sioux City who had all sorts of questions about my trips.Can't go that way!

The Discovery

Even though it was a short mileage day. I felt exhausted. Took a short nap, but generally tried to get caught up on my correspondence. The winds have continued even more fiercely as the afternoon moves to evening. Made cooking dinner a test since I forgot to pack my stove's windscreen. I just hope all this wind blows everything south before I wake in the morning for Memorial Day.