January 29, 2008

A Plea to Help My Friends in Kenya

I am writing todays entry as a plea for help of the people of Kenya, but especially for Expanding Opportunities.

I wrote about the good work the group Expanding Opportunities does back in December 2006. It was through my Kenya journal on my website that I began to correspond with Bev Stone, who started Expanding Opportunities.

If you read the reports about the tribal violence in Kenya, most of the cities mentioned I traveled through on my trip there in 1987. One area where the violence is still rampant is in Nakuru, where Expanding Opportunities has one of it's major projects, the Joseph Waweru Home School which is an orphanage for street children.

You can read notes on the Expanding Opportunities website from the good folks working in Kenya who are trying desperately to provide even basic needs like food and shelter to those they can. But here is a quote from Ginger Wilson, who is working in Kenya:

"When I asked for food to help out the ones (orphans) in my house they told me to bring them to the show grounds (refuge camp) and leave them. I will not take them out of a clean safe environment to live in those conditions. We will do our best to take care of the ones we have already I will not send my people to the camp, I have been there and it is horrible. So it looks like the only help we will be getting in the near future is from our sources at home (USA)."

Three of the boys in happier times

Here is how you can help:

People need a safe refuge. Women and children need food and shelter. Many have already arrived at the Joseph Waweru Home School seeking shelter.

Expanding Opportunities will send 100% of any donations received for this emergency directly to Kenya to be used for food, shelter, clothing, blankets, mattresses, and security.The funds will be administered by Expanding Opportunities (a U.S. 501c3 organization and an NGO in Kenya) and expenditures reported to both the USA and Kenyan offices for examination by donors upon request.

Donations can be made by:

* check sent to 84 Payson Road, Brooks, Maine 04921
* internet through PayPal with a major credit card
* phone using credit card at 207-722-3708 or 1-888-760-7943

For more information please go to:
the website expandingopportunities.org
or email info@expandingopportunities.org.

I hope we can help those in need. Thank you.