January 1, 2008

Happy New Year 2008

Just wanted to wish everyone a wonderful New Year in 2008.

I thought I would start out the year different than I ever have before. Today was the 4th Annual Polar Barefoot Run. This race is put on by Barefoot Rick (barefoot mileage since 2003 = 10,187 miles!). This is a fundraiser for the Free Wheelchair Mission which distributes low cost wheelchairs all over the world.

According to the weather, it was 22°F with a windchill of 7°F because of the 18 mph winds, but with the gusts hitting 28 mph, I'm sure it was a lot colder. Hey, but it was very sunny. There were six hardy souls, or should I say six pair of hardy soles, at Roe Park to run the noon race. All of us ran the 1/2 mile course around the park on snow, ice and asphalt barefoot. Yippie!!!

Do my feet look a little pink!

After the race, Rick supplied everyone with a hot bowl of black eyed peas and ham, along with a steaming cup of hot chocolate. I think all of us would have liked to stand around and visit but it was just too cold. It was all fun none the less, and I hope to return in the coming years. Kind of a nice New Years tradition, don't ya' think.

The hardy 'soles' who went for a run in the snow

Happy New Year Everyone!!!