April 7, 2001

4/7/01 Denton TX

On the Road at Last

Underneath, a journey of this length and magnitude touches deep issues. There is no escape from yourself when you're on the road. Nothing can prepare you for what you might discover, for what you might like and dislike about yourself. Mental, as well as physical aptitude is tested. Your confidence builds. Your character grows.
"Against The Wind" by Marty Basch

The 'adventure' has begun. Or at least the pre-trip part! After a morning of just hangin' out on mom's deck reading, waiting to go, my mom drove me to one of the Plaza hotels where I could catch the airport shuttle. Our goodbyes are starting to become deja vu, what with me galivanting all-over-someplace every couple of years. I gave her a quick hug and a promise to call every week. My brother Chris will give her copies of my online eNewsletter so she can find out all the interesting stuff I leave out of our long-distance calls. A quick quick goodbye and I remind her again that I should be biking through KC in about 6 weeks, so she'll see me then. I know she worries but doesn't that just come with being a mom?

These days, with the never-ending barage of the media, it's not hard to worry about a whole host of problems facing mankind. On my mind lately is 'global warming' and how it seems that economic growth is more important than the long-term survival of our planet. Even this plane ride is extravagent. How easy we take for granted this air transportation, like a quick hop from Kansas City to Dallas that would take all day to drive. And think how many people in the world will never fly on an airplane or even drive 600 miles from home. We are lucky but also very spoiled.

After leaving a warm, sunny KC, I was surprised to land in a cooler, cloudy Dallas. My bag arrived, a concern because of recent reports of an increase in lost luggage. I ended up taking a cab out of the airport to meet my Great Aunt Virginia, Nancy's mother, in Lewisville. My cab driver was from Egypt and he was surprised when I told him I would love to listen to his music (he'd take the cassette out as soon as we got in the car). "American's are so nice," he said. He told me he'd just gotten back from Europe and commented on how people are very different between here and there.

After meeting Aunt Virginia and her daughter-in-law Dale, at Tom and Bunny Coyle's (Nancy's in-laws) home, we drove on to Denton, TX.

One thing I did find out this morning was that my bike and gear had arrived at my Uncle Chuck's in Virginia Beach. The only odd thing is that he told me 'four' large boxes had arrived instead of the 'two' I sent. I'm curious what, or rather where the other two boxes should go.