November 2, 2007

11/2/07 Rome Italy

Was I dreaming or was that blue sky outside my window! Yippie!

Spent most of the day riding on top of the tour bus, jumping off when I wanted more pictures. I guess my biggest surprise was the long lines to get into St Peters. It must have stretched around St Peters Square twice. I would have liked to go inside but I wasn't going to wait hours in line.

The Colosseum

St Peter's Square

The Tourist Hordes at Trevi Fountain

By 3pm, I was exhausted. I decided to call it quits. Got my train ticket to the airport and paid my hotel bill. All I had to do tonight was pack and get everything ready for a 6am wake up. I didn't feel that great so skipped dinner. Actually feels like a flu coming on, you know, that body ache feeling.