November 1, 2007

11/1/07 Rome Italy

Woke up to rain. The weather could be better but then it could be worse too. I decided to save my 'all day' bus tour of Rome till tomorrow just in case the weather improves. So, with map in hand, I started walking to the historic part of the city.

Once I got away from the area around the train station, the streets were pretty deserted. I think today is a holiday, All Saints Day. But as I got closer to 'ancient' Rome, the crowds started to swell. That in itself was hard to walk through, but put an umbrella in all those hands and you have chaos. [laugh]

Despite the rain I saw a lot including the Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon and the Navona Plaza, as well as too many churches, sculptures and fountains. I had a good time despite a nasty fall on the slippery cobblestones that tore my pants.

Trevi Fountain

Everyone with an umbrella

The Pantheon

Checked my email at one of the internet cafes a little farther away from the train station. A curious new law in Italy requires any internet user to have a passport or other identification. Then stopped by one of the pizzerias for a pizza margarita (no alcohol, only cheese) before heading back to the hotel.