October 31, 2007

10/31/07 Rome Italy

As you could probably imagine, the rain stopped sometime early this morning and it looked like it would be a good day, at least here in Verona. And with the sun came the workmen. It was almost impossible to say goodbye because the noise was deafening.

I had no problems getting back to the train station in plenty of time. The train was packed full as Marta told me some people are taking a long holiday weekend because tomorrow is All Saints Day.

I was not prepared for the pandemonium of Rome, at least at and near the train station. Way too many people! It was an obstacle course of people and cars to find my hotel just a few blocks from the station. And, much to my surprise, my room rate at the Hotel Galli was reduced to 60 euros ($85). A nice room with a TV, small fridge and it's own bathroom. Luxury for this small town boy used to tents and outhouses. [laugh]

The weather was pretty bad, dark with clouds with rain now and again, but at least it wasn't too cold. I decided to relax the rest of the day, so stopped by a nearby tourist office and the store for a few odds and ends (like chocolate). Later, spent the evening working on my TV-remote finger muscles. [big smile]