October 25, 2007

10/25/07 Adelboden Switzerland

It was an interesting drive up to Daniel and Ariane's chalet. Once we left the main road the winds it's way up the valley floor, the road snaked it's way up the steep slopes of the mountains. I mean the road edge just dropped off. Not a great view out the passenger window, looking at the tiny, tiny houses at the bottom. And the road was barely big enough for one vehicle, so passing another car coming the other way was very, very interesting (involving a lot of backing up to any place wide enough for two cars). But we all made it safe and sound. [smile]

The chalet is built for several families with separate apartments. It's very modern but completely of wood construction, with lots of details you wouldn't find in any cabin back home. The kids have their own room, and while Daniel and Ariane have the loft, I'm sleeping on the fold-out couch downstairs. There is a balcony and lots of windows with a great view of the mountains.

The plan for the day was to go hiking up in the Adelboden Ski area. Even though the valley was covered in fog, we had bright sunshine the whole day as we hiked for hours.

The view early this morning

Alani and Ariane taking a short cut

Lorin playing a little hide-and-seek during a lunch break

Just being here was awesome

The kids get a ride

Alani and Lorin walk mom back down the mountain

Those are cow bells hanging from the eaves...HUGE!

The warm colors of sunset outside the chalet

The musical cows of Switzerland