June 5, 2007

6/5/07 Pamplona Spain

I was up early to catch the 9AM train for Vitoria, then taking the bus to Pamplona. And tomorrow, I will catch another bus to Puente la Reina.

Leaving Santiago behind

Spanish country-side

Yes, I'm going back to the Camino. Tomorrow I will be walking the Arles Route from Puente la Reina, over the Pyrennes, to Somport France. Everyone I've talked to says it's a beautiful six day walk, and very few perigrinos. It's all uphill, so let's hope for good weather.

It's amazing that it took me five weeks to walk from Pamplona and now it only takes nine hours to return by train. This same train continues on to France, so it's filled with pilgrims returning home.

I recognize a few other pilgrims, but no one I know. Maybe that's fitting because while they have completed their pilgrimage, mine continues a bit longer.

Another pilgrim I met in Santiago is Emilio. He lives in Pamplona, so we both were going first to Vitoria, then changing trains to Pamplona. He's a law student but not sure that's what he wants to do. Maybe that's why he left from his front door for another Camino (his first was 11 years ago). We joked a lot on the final train ride about what he was going to do once he gets home tonight. He's also the only vegetarian I've met from Spain this trip. He said he ate a lot of 'tortilla de patatas' in the last weeks. I think we got back in time for him to stock his refrigerator before the stores closed.

Instead of going to the albergue, I decided to get a room all to myself. Went to the Fonda la Montanesa found in one of my guidebooks. The matron was a bit rough, but then again I had arrived kind of late. And it sure is nice not worrying if my soring was going to bother anyone.

Even with no curfew, I was back in bed by 11PM.