June 1, 2007

6/1/07 Ribadiso do Baixo

"There is no destination to which I am rushing.
There is only the earth that I touch in many ways."
Nancy Louise Frey in PILGRIM STORIES

No one got up before 7AM, a new record. But the weather was still the same, cloudy and threating rain. On the up side, it was a bit warmer.

Not much really to say, I walked and walked. Walked through the country, walked through the pueblos, walked through eucalyptus forests and walked through cities. All the while, there were a dozen pilgrims stretched out in front of me, and I'm sure there were just as many walking behind me.

Getting closer

A different kind of arrow

The cross of Santiago

Found this colt running around outside of Melide

Walking through the eucalyptus

Perfect place to take a break

Galician raised granary

Another painting

I reached the albergue and it just felt right. Alexandra later said it had a special vibe and those that felt it stopped and those that didn't, kept on walking.

By the late afternoon, it seemed like we were in the midst of a pilgrim reunion. I recognize dozens of people even if I don't know their names. Alexandra is here along with Peter, Stephanie, Martin and Tomoko. Here we are less than 40km from Santiago and everyone is full of smiles.

Ah, the easy life

It seems like we might be rewarded for all of our days walking in the rain. By the time we ate dinner, there's not a cloud in the sky. Everyone is outside to get as much of the sun before it sets in the west. Tomorrow is looking like a fantastic day to walk.

Martin, Tomoko, Peter, Catharine & Alexandra

It's good to be a kid again