May 7, 2007

5/7/07 Belorado Spain

All morning rain clouds kept pace with us as we traveled west. It seemed we could see sun ahead, but by the time we reached that same spot, the sun had run on. The land is still rolling hills but our vistas are much larger. So much green.

Early in the morning through the farm fields

About half of the Camino today followed the highway. I'm sure it was the same before, but now it seemed like so much truck traffic. Just not the noise you want to hear all day.

Stopped in one village to share some lunch with Jua Ma. Such a friendly guy and very patient with my Spanish. Mostly it was a day just walking while humming a tune.

I had thought of doing a shorter day but when I stopped in Villamajor del Rio, the alburgue was closed and locked, with no signs. So instead of taking my chances, I decided to push on. And as luck would have it, the sun came out with a vengeance.

Just love the flowers along the Camino

I took a picture of this same doorway and cat in 2002
This time the dog is a new addition (smile)


You can imagine my shock when I arrived at the refugio only to find it closed for the day due to some repair work. I wasn't sure I could walk a couple more miles today.

I started to walk to one of the private albergues and suddenly remembered I had stayed at the same place five years ago. The owner was as friendly as ever, but he's expanded a lot, including more beds and even a pool. Pilgrim luxury for sure. And it turns out Helio is here too.

Ah, a 'pilgrim' swimming pool

Lots of stork nests on the steeple of Santa Maria

It's as if we crossed some invisible barrier this afternoon. The sun is blazing and it's actually hot. Walking around the main square, I actually looked for shady places. And I had to eat my ice cream cone fast because it was melting.

Maybe this is a new chapter for me too. Even though my feet are still tender and sore, I walked farther than I wanted. And I survived. Today I actually took the time to meditate as the sun set in the west. I am so fortunate to be here, to be moving to my own beat, and to be making friends every day. A few of us commented that where else in the world could complete strangers become fast friends so easily, and every day on the Camino.