May 5, 2007

5/5/07 Azofra

Helio treated us to an omelet sandwich for breakfast, but it seemed like we were the last ones to leave.

It was pretty chilly but the sun was shining. A nice walk until I found a split in the Camino. There must have been a dozen arrows pointing in two directions. Not much else to do but guess. Ended up walking along a stretch of highway, maybe that was the reason for the confusing signs.

An older French couple using a hand-cart

Just follow the yellow arrows

Walking some highway construction

Someone must having been thinking of the pilgrims
when they dumped these easy-chairs

Actually made good time today. I've had a few problems with my feet and each day I hope that they will be better. Got to Nejera about noon. I remembered the river bridge but didn't recognize anything else even though I stayed here in 2002.

The River Najerilla in Najera

Sat outside the albergue, had some lunch and tried to get caught up with my journal. But it seemed the more I sat there, the colder it got. Suddenly, dark clouds rolled in over my shoulders and it started to rain.

The refugio didn't open for another two hours, so a few of us huddled in the doorway to keep most of the rain at bay. Then Helio showed up and suggested we head back down the street and wait out the thunderstorm in a bar.

It stopped raining soon enough, so we decided to push on to the next albergue. The clouds waited until we were far out of town before beginning to rain again. But we kept in pretty good spirits despite the weather.

The refugio was kind of a shock. It was new, with a huge patio with a fountain, large kitchen and breakroom, and internet access. But the best part was the rooms. There were 30 double rooms, so no huge dorm room sleeping. The floors even had radiant heating.

When I walked into register, I was shocked to see my German friends. They had taken a short day because Frank wasn't feeling so well. And as luck would have it, they had just finished lunch and happened to have leftovers. I was more than happy to finish it off for them.

After taking a much needed nap, I thought I heard Daniel's voice. He was happy to se me. Seems the air mattress I had lent Lizzy last night had a bit of an adventure today. She had left it in the boot rack but I didn't see it. A British woman saw it and carried it all the way Najera to give it back to Lizzy. At Azofra, Lizzy was in the middle of writing me an email when I touched her on the shoulder.

Daniel decided we needed a big feast and we proceeded to buy out the store. First there was a big salad, then two huge potato omelets, followed by spaghetti, along with bread and wine. All five of us began the meal with a toast; Daniel, Lizzy, Helio, Jackie (France) and yours truly. Someone asked about desert but I'm not we could have eaten more.

We were almost done washing the dishes, but not quite, when the lights went out at 10PM.