May 24, 2007

5/23/07 Foncebadon Spain

"True men and women of old slept without dreams and woke without worries. Easy come, easy go, they took life as it came gladly."
Chuang Tyn

I'm not sure why, but no one got up before 7AM. Tomoko slept by the window and said that it was quite a storm last night. Seems it was that way over much of Spain. There were even tornado warnings in Madrid.

Unfortunately for us, today was looking like much of the same. Dark clouds surrounded us but we were able to walk all the way to Rabanal del Camino without any rain.

Yesterday in Santa Catalina, it seemed like there were very few pilgrims. But at one point I looked behind us, and found dozens pilgrims.

I think it's going to rain

Lots of pilgrims behind and in front

But still nice wet

We stopped for a few snacks and lunch in Rabinal. In a way I'm glad I'm not stopping here because the monastery is closed for a week and the church is closed for major repairs. I know there will be a lot of disappointed people who will miss the singing by monks in the church.

I loved this tree

No sooner than when we got up from lunch, the rain started. And as we moved up the terrain, it seemed to come down harder. We actually made it to Foncebadon pretty fast.

Getting there

Foncebadon seems to be an old town, but the only buildings not falling down are the three albergues. We happened to stop at the first one called 'El Convento de Foncebadon'. It also has a restaurant, so we don't have to go out into the weather for dinner.

This afternoon I took a walk through town which didn't take long. [smile] All the buildings are built of stone, but most of the wooden roofs have collapsed. Saw a few large sheepdogs but they seemed pretty harmless. Even though the rain had stopped, there was a pretty cold wind blowing.

It was nice just to sit and relax, but I have to admit it was kind of hard to do nothing.

Met a few more Americans today. Mary Alice is from Indiana and is walking her second Camino with her daughter, Brook, who is a graduate student at the Naropa Institute in Colorado.

Elke spent her afternoon trying to find out more information about her friend whose father had died. Alexandra tried to get caught up in her diary which was three days behind. And Tomoko was probably the smartest of us all since she spent the time taking a nap.

The winds have cleared a lot of the clouds away, so lets hope this is the beginning of a wonderfully dry Camino through Galicia to Santiago.