May 11, 2007

5/11/07 Hornilla del Camino

"When we travel, we meet ourselves in other guises.. By exploring ourselves in many forms of humanity, we travel lifetimes in the course of an instant." Joseph Campbell

I know that the shear numbers of pilgrims, and the limited beds were on everyones mind because wake up alarms went off at 5AM. I understand it, but that doesn't make it any nicer to be woken up at that hour.

But they had a point. I left in the second shift at 6:30. The walk out of Burgos was a lot quieter than the walk in. A lot cooler this morning with a strong headwind.

A small ermita (chapel)

I love walking on the Camino

The land here is very different. Before all the fields were a mixture of dirt and rock, even after eons of cultivation. But here, the soil in the valley is clear of all rocks. Good soil.

But as we climbed, we entered another plateau of white soil covered with wheat as far as the eye could see. But with every climb up, there must be a climb down.

Very windy coming off the maseta

A sea of green grasses

It was a very steep climb down into Hornillas del Camino. But it was with a bit of relief that I was one of the first to the albergue. Most of the early risers must have gone on.

Marianne was here but she was in a lot of pain. Yesterday she had continued on through Burgos, only to find every albergue full in every pueblo. She must have walked 37 km, and even then, it was in a private refugio. Today, she barely made the 3 km to Hornillo. She decided to quit and her friend Cici went on.

Another strange 'chicken' monument outside the church

Some horse-riding pilgrims

The hospitalero, Julio, is a wonderful older gentleman full of life, smiling and joking. When the refugio filled up, he started giving perigrinos floor space in the city hall.

Besides Marianne, Henrietta and Alexandra are here too. And I met Barbara too, a retired writer from Germany. After dinner, I gave all the women a back massage, but Alexandra needed a leg massage. Afterward they gave me both a back massage and a foot massage. Heaven! I should sleep good tonight.

Dinner with Henrietta, Marianne & Alexandra