May 10, 2007

5/10/07 Burgos Spain

"The mystery of life is not a problem to be solved,
but a reality to be experienced.
Brian Herbert

Had a wonderful start this morning. The bar/bakery opened at 6:30 just as I walked up to the door. Had a fresh sweet pastry and a hot cocoa. There's nothing like coco made with steamed milk from an espresso machine.

Sunrise on the Camino

Not so easy to walk on

Kind of a nasty farm road up out of the valley, with lots of jagged rocks. But we had a great view of Burgos in the distance just as the sun came up behind us.

Tried my shoes again today, but switched back to the sandals at the first pueblo we came to. That was ok because for the rest of the day we walked roads then sidewalks all the way into Burgos.

Some guidebooks even give directions on how to take a city bus to skip the last 10km because it goes through an industrial part of town. But like like, you take the bitter with the sweet.

The Burgos Cathedral

A detail of one of the doors

Found the small refugio near the cathedral, but they would give preference to any who walked from more distant refugios. I was in a kind of daze as I wandered near the cathedral. I think I got a little too much sun. After eating something, including a pint of ice cream, I walked farther through the city to the refugio.

I was shocked that I got one of the last beds, even though it holds 100. I just don't know where they will all sleep in the coming days on the Camino. It was sad that they turned dozens away. But, on the Camino there are no guarantees for a bed just because you are a pilgrim.

Ran into Henrietta at the refugio and also met Alexandra, from Germany. She's a banker, but one of the sweetest persons you'd ever meet. We went to eat some more and see some of the city without our packs. As we sat people watching, I quickly checked my email for anything urgent.

My Uncle Joe passed away. Not sure when the funeral is, but sent a note to my cousins. Joe's daughters are like the sisters I never had. Uncle Joe was a good man. He always had kind words for me and was enthusiastic in all my endeavors even if he didn't understand them.

As I get ready for bed, it looks like I've gone 286 kms (136 miles), with 488 kms (303 miles) to go.