April 29, 2007

4/29/07 Pamplona Spain

The three and a half hours on the train to Pamplona seemed to go pretty fast. Got lost in the city and had to ask for directions several times. When I was here in 2002 I stayed in the refugio at the Iglesia de San Cernin but it was all locked up. A policewoman told me there was another just around the corner. She was right. A boy, was I lucky, there were only two beds left (out of 80).

A German couple arrived just before me and the looked exhausted. The climb up to the 4th floor where our beds were probably didn't help. It was their first day and they were calling it quits. The only word the wife kept repeating was "taxi".

Went for a walk around the city center. Pamplona has a huge main square. It was raining a bit, but the sun was out. And if you don't know it yet, Pamplona is where the famous 'Running of the Bulls' is held in July to celebrate the Festival of Saint Fermin.

The Plaza del Castillo

The Running of the Bulls

Had an ice cream cone since nothing else was open. The odd thing about the refugios is they close the doors at 10pm, but most restaurants don't open until after 9. So kind of difficult to time your meals.

Headed back to the refugio for a cold shower (when you share the bathroom with 80 other people, you don't want to be last) and got to bed early.