March 19, 2007

Language Learning

Spanish, French, Italian

For a trip like this were I will be speaking several languages, I followed advice and only concentrated on learning more Spanish. The theory being that if I tried to learn more from more languages, I would get the languages confused. But what to do once I need the next language? Thank goodness for audio files I can listen to on my iPod. But another great technological breakthrough is the Podcasts, audio and/or video lessons that are free on the internet. Below are a list of some of the resources I've been using to learn my languages.


Coffee Break Spanish: language learning with your latte
Notes in Spanish also Notes from Spain
Insta Spanish Lessons

hispanocast - podcasts en Español Directorio
BBC - Languages - El Mensual
BBC - Sueños, World Spanish
Radio Nacional de España
Spanish Grammar Lessons
Rios Associates: Medical Spanish CEU courses
Del Norte Seminars Spanish for PTs & OTs

Pimsleur Spanish
Spanish Now!
Spanish Made Simple
Breaking Out of Beginner Spanish
Spanish Beyond the Basics
6000+ Essential Spanish Words
Spanish Verb Tenses by Dorothy Devney Richmond
Big Red Book of Spanish Verbs
1001 Most Useful Spanish Words by Seymour Resnick
Complete Medical Spanish
Spanish for Healthcare Professionals
Essential Spanish by Berlitz
Using Spanish Synonyms by R. E. Batchelor
Streetwise Spanish: Speak and Understand Everyday Spanish
Using Spanish: A Guide to Contemporary Usage by Batchelor
Practice Makes Perfect: Spanish Pronouns And Prepositions

Aula sin Fronteres in Almansa Spain
Malaga Si in Malaga Spain


Learn French by Podcast
The French Pod Class

The French Assistant
BBC - Languages - Learn French
Languages Online - French Topics
SlowTravel French Language Lessons
Bonnes Nouvelles audio books in French

Pimsleur French
Teach Yourself French


Podcasts: - Italian

BBC Italianissimo
English - Italian Study Guide
Online Italian Language Course

Pimsluer Italian
Teach Yourself Beginner's Italian