December 5, 2005

"An Ocean to Cross"

Daring the Atlantic,
Claiming a New Life
by Liz Fordred

Here is a wonderful story of two young paraplegics from Africa, that built a boat and sailed it across the Atlantic Ocean. In an era of the ADA here in the US, this book will amaze and inspire you about two people who overcome the impossible in places that don't see wheelchairs, let alone active paraplegics asking just for a chance.

Book Description
It was an extraordinary dream fueled by hope and courage. Liz Fordred and her husband, Pete, both paralyzed and with no sailing experience, made the unlikely decision to build a boat, haul it 1,200 miles to the coast, and set sail alone to see the world.

Their plan seemed impossible, the obstacles insurmountable. They had only time, the gift of laughter, an unstoppable resolve, and each other. After years of labor, their struggle to reclaim lives of purpose and adventure--lives lived without limits--launched them into the vast Atlantic. They had the whole world before them--and somewhere in it a new home and a new life were waiting to be claimed . . .

Meaningful Quotes:
If you have to be in a wheelchair, you might as well have fun.

A crossing is more than a landfall, just as running a marathon is more than crossing the finish line. The endeavor is what's important - the sweat, the anguish, the push to keep going when your exhausted and discouraged. The thrill is in the pursuit, not the finish. And the achievement is personal, not public.

Life is about how you respond to not only the challenges you're dealt but the challenges you seek. To my way of thinking, success is measured not by the position you have reached in life but by the obstacles you've had to climb to reach that position. If you have no goals, no mountains to climb, your soul dies. That's the nature of who we are.