November 6, 2006

WanderingTheWorld Photo Albums

From here you can discover just a little of the wonderful world in which we live in. Pictures will take you to Kenya, a land of lions, elephants and the Maasai tribe. Or maybe you'd like to walk the Appalachians from Georgia to Maine. If a bike is more to your liking, I've riden from coast to coast and border to border across America. And one of my favorite adventures was being a pilgrim walking across Spain. Or follow the Lewis & Clark Trail and see 200 years of history unfold. To communicate better, I was in Spain to battle that elusive dragon, learning a second language. And what about taking a quest with a few good friends in the mythical cycling land called New Zealand. [smile] I've tried to give you a sense of the people and places I visit with my pictures.

The following albums are located at where you can view the photos, watch a slide show, and if you really want, you can get prints of your very own moment.

hiking, biking & beyond...
This is some of my 'Greatest Hits' of the 3000+ pictures in the albums below. They are the highest resolution, so they can be'art' gallery, with the highest resolution pictures. Enjoy!

Fellowship of the Chainring

Biking on the South Island of New Zealand
New Zealand is known as a 'Pedallers' Paradise', thus it has always been on my list of 'must see' countries. Our quest is to experience the beauty and hospitality of the South Island first hand. Meeting me in Christchurch will be Mike, from that other country 'down under' of Australia, and his brother George, from the enchanted land of California. It's 8100-miles to get 'down under'. We will be biking and whatever other mischief we can get into for 3 weeks in January. Did you know that the movies of the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy where filmed here in New Zealand? Just another reason to visit.

Chasing Windmills

Learning Spanish in the Land of Don Quijote
What better way to celebrate the 400th anniversary of Cervantes celebrated work "Don Quixote" than to read it in Spanish. I first studied in Almansa with Aula sin Fronteras but then headed to Malaga for cooler weather and the beaches near another Spanish language school, Malaga Si! for several months. Met wonderful students in my classes from places like Sweden, Czech Republic, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, England and Scotland. Also took side-trips to Granada, and to Morocco, before touring Madrid before coming home.

Lewis, Clark & Jim

Biking the Lewis & Clark Trail
To celebrate the Lewis & Clark Expediton Bicentennial, I retrace the historic expedtion from Wood River near Hartford, IL, to Fort Clatsop near Astoria, OR, totalling over 3000-miles by bicycle. Weather was definitely a factor for this trip as it was for the original explorers. And it seems that people are few and far between along the way, much as it was 200 years ago. Only, Lewis didn't have to deal with as many flat tires as I did. [smile]

¡Siempre Arriba! Always Up!

A Pilgrimage Across Northern Spain
Since 814AD, when legend has it that a hermit found the tomb of St. James, people from all walks of life have made the pilgrimage to the cathedral in Santiago de Compostela in Spain. I studied Spanish 4 weeks at Aula sin Fronteras near the Northern Spanish town of Burgos, while living with a host family for the month. My 'pilgrimage' started at the French-Spanish border, and continued some 550-miles and 36 days to Finisterre, the 'end of the world' on the Atlantic Coast. Read the journal at

Show Me America!

10,000-mile solo mountain bike ride.
What better way to see America up close and personal than on a bike, meeting people from 'Small Town USA' and riding through some spectacular scenery. Learn more about this benefit ride that finished at Texas Woman's University in Denton, where the Nancy Johnson-Coyle Endowment Fund was set up to provide scholarships in memory of my cousin.

Hot Air from Dragon's Breath

Hiking the 2160-mile Appalachian Trail
On a cold day in early March of 1998, I started up the trail to Springer Mountain, the beginning of the AT. I didn't know what I was getting myself into. Scared and excited, would I finish the six month hike? By candlelight I wrote about beautiful days, hikers that became family, the kindness of strangers, sore muscles, blisters, and a lot about rain! Come join me on the way to Maine. Read the journal at

Lion Tracks Outside My Tent

A summer backpacking in Kenya with NOLS.
Experience a Kenya that few tourists get a chance to. With NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School), come celebrate a warrior graduation, or find lion tracks outside my tent. Try talking to a potato farmer's kids who had never seen a wazungu. And hearing a charging water buffalo ahead on our path is something never to forget. Besides learning outdoor skills, I had a chance to meet another culture on it's own terms, and come away better for it.