November 13, 2006

Online Bike Videos as Exercise Tool

Once the winter sleet and snow has descended upon the city, with it getting dark before I even leave work, I wipe off the dust of my bicycle trainer to get some much needed exercise to burn off those holiday treats I always seem to have in my hands. [smile]

But if you're like me, there isn't anything as boring as riding a stationary bike/trainer, Nordic Track ski machine, or even a treadmill, except for maybe watching paint dry. [laugh] So, how to make it more interesting so that you don't shorten your workouts or even skip them all together? Well, with the explosion of home-made videos being posted online, you just might find a good, entertaining answer.

You might wonder why these online videos have more appeal than say, one of your DVD movies. Well, let me explain. Film clips specific to your type of training add variety and consistency to your workout. For example, I love to ride a bike. But when it's dark and eight inches of snow are on the street, that's just not practical. So, I decide to do a 30 minute cyclocross video instead.

After the gun sounds, I can vary the speed depending on the course and race. When the video turns, I actually lean into the turn changing the pressure on my behind, giving me much needed pressure relief (do not do this with rollers). Lots of riders and racers have helmut mounted video cameras so you can get a 'real time' experience. And it doesn't matter how short the video clip is, just 'loop' the film. You can find videos on cyclocross, mountain biking and criteriums, just to name a few. I'm even looking for some cross-country ski video clips to use with my Nordic Track ski machine.

Below are the cream of the crop of about forty film clips found at a and that have proven useful to getting me off the couch and having fun doing it.

39:00 = Bogus Basin to Boise Banzai, mountain bike race
03:52 = Tower Track Ourimbah State Forest UK
17:46 = Eagle Island Cyclocross series, race #1
32:41 = Boise State University Criterium #1 Mens 4-5
07:45 = Bike Messenger Racing in NYC
05:30 = Bonneville Shoreline Trail Ogden Utah
05:05 = A Ride Down the Mountain in Utah
12:06 = Single Trail from Back Bone
08:35 = Longhorn trail Mountain Biking at White Ranch, Colorado
14:30 = Mueller Park MTB trail, Bountiful Utah
07:40 = Crug Mawr mountain bike trail in Wales
05:06 = JEM Trail 2 cliffside riding Utah

If you find any other good film clips, let me know...

INSANE! Bike Messenger Racing in NYC INSANE!

For those budding film-makers out there, one of the best (and new) solutions to capturing POV (point of view) video without wires or bulky video camera is the ATC2K Waterproof ActionCamera by Oregon Scientific. I've seen it for as little as $100.