October 16, 2006

Webfeed = spam-proof newsletter

A webfeed is a way for me to continuously “feed” you the headline of my latest post, with a link back to the full blog. That way you will know when I've updated the site, instead of coming back over and over to see for yourself.

Webfeeds give me a chance to update you all on my travels without filling your emailboxes with my newsletters. They are simple and they are also completely spam-proof!

Below are simple instructions to add a feed to Firefox, Safari & MS Internet Explorer:

Mozilla - Firefox - Live Bookmarks

Mac 101 - Lesson 20: Safari "View RSS Feeds"

How to Subscribe to an RSS Feed in Internet Explorer 7.0

For those not faint-of-heart, there are programs, extensions and add-ons that not only manage your web feed headlines, but can pull entire article contents to your computer without even going to that site directly. Just Google 'web feeds' and take your pick.

For my part, I will try to make my 'headlines' short and as descriptive as I can so you'll know when to come back for a visit to WanderingTheWorld.com [jim-wandering.blogspot.com]