October 30, 2006

"The Lead Goat Veered Off"

A Bicycling Adventure
on Sardinia
by Neil Anderson

From the Publisher
The Lead Goat Veered Off is a travelogue that humorously describes a three month portion of the Anderson's European bicycle tour. The author's engaging narrative whisks the reader along as a silent third party to intimately experience Sardinia, Italy. This personal narrative is a joy to read, not only for cycle tourists, but, indeed, anyone who enjoys the thrill of vicarious travel.

Meaningful Quotes:
These people had something more precious than running water. They had 'time'. And they used that time to interact with others, to share the joys of small events, to be civil, and ultimately human. I saw people who still talked 'with' each other. They still had time to share. They still had time to laugh. They still had time to 'live'. They were living life in the slow lane. And it didn't look all that bad.

To end our enchanted day, the glowing orb plummeted into the sea as if to wash itself. I had to chuckle, with thoughts like that, maybe I too had gone too long without a shower?