August 28, 2006

"Dead Men Don't Leave Tips"

Dead Men Don't Leave Tips available at Powells.comAdventures X Africa
by Brandon Wilson

Book Description
Dead Men Don't Leave Tips is an edge of your seat tale about a couple’s seven-month, 10,000-mile "dream" odyssey–overland across Africa from top-to-tip. Against their better judgment, two confirmed independent travelers join a bewildering band of companions and clueless guides. As their dream of crossing Africa becomes a nightmare, they set off across the continent alone. And that makes all the difference.

Join them as they meet mountain gorillas face to face. Melt down during a blistering Saharan breakdown. Hunt dik-dik with Pygmies. Climb Africa’s highest mountain. Feel the raw power of the Serengeti. Hop the "gun-run" through a civil war. Rush down thundering Class V Zambezi rapids and dive into South Africa’s cauldron of turmoil.

This engaging story is filled with a zest for life, travel and unbridled adventure. It offers a humorous, sometimes anguished, yet always candid look at taking the road less traveled–across a land little fathomed.

My Review
Brandon is author of 'Yak Butter Blues' that I review last year. Now, his new book is about a 7-month trek covering almost all of Africa. You're going to laugh and cry. With his wife Cheryl, they start out on a continent-bound bus with the most eclectic collection of travelers I've ever read about. I couldn't stop laughing. But, despite the humor, Brandon also describes the sometimes heart-breaking images of people and places in the Africa you don't hear about from the Travel Guides. He really captures these moments, both good and bad. Highly recommended. [smile]

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