July 24, 2006

“Everyday Enlightenment”

The Twelve Gateways
to Personal Growth
by Dan Millman

Book Description:
Multi-million-copy bestselling author Dan Millan reveals the gateways to personal growth. Turn everyday life into a spiritual adventure. Dan Millman's Twelve Gateways to Personal Growth uncover the hidden purpose of life, a road map to the higher reaches of human potential. Millman's Everyday Enlightenment shows how to, discover your worth, energize your body, tame your mind, trust your intuition, accept your emotions, face your fears, illuminate your shadow.

Memorable Quotes:
Your innate worth has never been lowered, compromised, or touched by fate or circumstance. It exists as a fact of life, like air and trees, and doesn't need to be raised, revitalized, or earned.

Nearly all of us have lost touch with our intrinsic goodness – allowed it to be covered over by memories of a thousand transgressions, real or imagined, so that we feel only partly deserving of life's blessings.

Fear calls to you like an overprotective mother to whom you should always listen to but not always heed.

...we look deeply into our own shadow to discover that we are fools and charlatans after all – and to find that we are also heroes and knaves, thieves and lovers, wicked imps and holy sages. We are each a diamond of many facets and flaws.

Sometimes you've got to deal with the darkness before you can see the light.

Embracing the shadow is one of the most powerful shifts a human being can make.

You come to realize how exhausting the social facade can be.

...my work is not about forgiving others, but rather asking others forgiveness.

In finding your own wholeness, you transcend the need for self-worth and simply become willing to accept life's blessings and opportunities whether or not you feel worthy.

Only when you are willing to risk the pain and sorrow of loss will you trust enough to open your heart to joy.

We are all humans-in-training learning the art of loving.

To awaken the heart is to be unreasonably happy.

Love yourself enough to forgive your humanity, and let yourself be. This allows love to grow. Love enough to trust the process of your life unfolding.

True love cannot wait for the right mood. It is fanned by the fires of your actions. When you can show love, act compassionately, behave with kindness whether or not you feel that way, you will know the plateau of human maturity.

The wisdom, the power, the courage, the love, the kingdom of heaven – are inside us. It is just that we forget to trust ourselves, we forget to listen, we forget to pay attention to the highest and best inside us. We forget because we have been sleeping, slumbering, dreaming, wishing, hoping, while love has been waking us, shaking us, calling us to open the shades and let in the light of awareness. It is time to take hold of our lives, time to accept ourselves, our world, and our present reality even as we aspire to our highest ideals.

To awaken your heart, you do not have to (nor can you) consistently generate loving feelings – you only have to 'behave' with lovingkindness.

Even as we speak different languages and practice different customs, religions, and rituals, we have infinitely more in common than we have differences.

A quality of heartful attention – treating what they say as the most important thing in the world in that moment – is one of the greatest gifts you can give another. It values and validates them and encourages them to open up.

You are not here to contact your higher self – you are here to 'become' it.

An act of service is an act of love and of trust. It's also an act of responsibility and of courage...

Service is an attitude founded on the recognition that the world has supported you, fed you, taught you, tested you, whether or not you earned it. Understanding this simple truth can move you to do what you can to repay a boundless debt of gratitude. Service is both a means and an end, for in giving to others, you open yourself to love, abundance, and inner peace. You cannot serve others without uplifting yourself.

Before you can help others, you need to understand them. Before you can understand them, you need to understand yourself. Then you will know how to exert the right leverage at the right place at the right time. The more clarity and courage your actions reflect, the more impact your efforts will have.

The student has hindsight, the teacher has foresight, the master has insight. In the school of daily life, you are here to become a student, a teacher, and a master – one who learns from the past, foresees the consequences, and finally looks within to discover the universe.

There is not higher truth than awareness of what is. There is not higher practice than embracing what is. There is no higher realization than this: You are that awareness, which shines through all beings.

Practice, unlike those times we go on automatic, involves attention and refinement. When we practice anything, we pay special attention, with the intention to refine a quality, skill, or aptitude.

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