May 29, 2006

"Stand Like Mountain, Flow Like Water"

by Brian Luke Seaward

Book Description:
Once thought to be a symptom of illness, stress is now best defined as a disconnection from our divine source. Times of stress may bring feelings of panic and mayhem, but when we call upon our inner resources, stress also provides the opportunity for spiritual growth. Ageless wisdom suggests that achieving spiritual growth requires balance; to stand secure and grounded like a mountain, but to flow like water. This book reveals how we can achieve balance and peace in our lives.

Meaningful Quotes:
"Music," he said, "has a very spiritual essence. When we listen to music, we eavesdrop on the thoughts of god." What he said next really grabbed my attention. "We must distinguish the difference between spirituality and religion. Spirituality unites, where religions divide and separate."

She explained, "Religion is for those who are trying to avoid hell; spirituality is for those who have been there."

From various corners of the globe, earth has often been described as a grand classroom where assignments are given and pop quizzes appear frequently.