April 10, 2006

“Transform Your Life”

A Blissful Journey
by Geshe Kelsang Gyatso

We all share the potential for enormous self-transformation and limitless happiness, through travelling the inner journey of a spiritual path. The author invites us in this book on our own inner journey, and shares with us some of the universal spiritual insights he has gained along the way.

Meaningful Quotes:
Just as water cannot gather on mountain peaks, so good qualities and blessings cannot gather on the rocky peaks of pride.

Self-grasping and self-cherishing are the root of the tree of suffering. Delusions such as anger and attachment are it's trunk, negative actions are it's branches, and the miseries and pains of samsara are it's bitter fruits.

...we need to engage sincerely in the practices of giving, moral discipline, patience, effort, concentration, and wisdom (the six perfections).

Patient acceptance not only helps us, it also helps those with whom we are patient. Being accepted feels very different to being judged. The automatically become tight and defensive. But when they feel accepted they can relax, and this allows their good qualities to come to the surface. Patience always solves our inner problems. But often it solves problems between people as well.