April 24, 2006

"Riding Outside The Lines"

More Misadventures
with the Metal Cowboy
by Joe Kurmaskie

In Metal Cowboy, Joe Kurmaskie explored the byways and back roads of America from the seat of his bicycle, befriending unforgettable characters and spreading his addiction to life along the way. Now in Riding Outside the Lines, this modern-day Don Quixote — with a healthy dose of Dave Barry thrown in — takes on the world in a wild joyride through foreign postal codes and fantastic new states of mind.

Whether he's weekending in the buff after accidentally stumbling into a nudist colony, kicking back with a gun-toting ex-bounty hunter, or wrangling with an overly emotional Irish mother, Kurmaskie captures with insight and good humor the optimism and beauty of the folks around him. Riding Outside the Lines will convince bikers and non-bikers alike of one vital truth: You've got to ride for the sake of the ride.

My Review:
His first book, titled 'Metal Cowboy' was a collection of bike stories from his many road trips. With 'Riding', Joe's still has tons of hilarious stories to make you snort milk out of your nose. [laughing] It's not so much a book about cycling, but snapshots of this wonderful world in which we live in and those we meet along the way. This is some of the best short-story non-fiction I've ever read, ever! How's that for my Highest Recommendation!!!

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