March 6, 2006

"Roads from the Ashes"

An Odyssey in Real Life
on the Virtual Frontier
by Megan Edwards

From Library Journal:
Most people are reluctant to make drastic changes in their lives, but sometimes events happen that cause us to re-evaluate ourselves and the direction in which we are going. In l993, after losing their California home to a raging fire, Edwards, her husband, and Marvin "the road dog" saw an opportunity to set forth on a new mobile lifestyle. Their ongoing journey resulted in an award-winning web site and a successful marketing company. Readers follow their adventures from the beginning of the trip to the present. The Phoenix One, the ultimate RV warrior, became a permanent residence and workplace. Readers will delight in the miracle of the albino buffalo and get caught up in the excitement of the 42-mile Kinetic Sculpture Race. By sharing unusual treasures - a remote war memorial near Eagles Nest, the oversized Boeing Surplus Store - Edwards demonstrates the joys of exploration. From the mountains to Manhattan, this tapestry of life on the road weaves the best of travel, technology, survival skills, and relationships into an engaging work of art.
Anne Mary Benson, Osgoode, Ontario

Meaningful Quotes
There's safety in wondering. There's adventure in finding out.

How can it be, I wondered, that we fight all day and then rest exhausted in another's arms? Love burns and warms, rages and soothes, screams and whispers.

Technology doesn't always grow in a straight line. It's trimmed and shaped by politics and circumstance, by fad and necessity.

Peace can be elusive as freedom. If it can't sprout in a single breast, it can never sweep the land. As we drove east once more, I knew my challenge was to find harmony within. I had to find a way “to fight no more forever.”

“You're home already,” a quite voice seemed to say. “You're where you're supposed to be, at this perfect juncture of time and space. That's what home is, sweetheart.”

I wanted to be as close as next door and a thousand miles distant. I wanted an office on Flathead Lake, a bedroom with a view of redwoods. I wanted to dine in the Blue Ridge Mountains and fall asleep the the crashing Acadian surf. I wanted a backyard with oceans for fences and a family that circled the globe.