February 6, 2006

"Daughter of the Forest"

by Juliet Marillier

Meaningful Quotes:
Our strength comes from that magic. From the earth and the sky, from the fire and the water. Fly high, swim deep, give back to the earth what she gives you...

My feet will tread soft as a deer in the forest. My mind will be clear as water from the sacred well. My heart will be strong as a great oak. My spirit will spread an eagle's wings, and fly forth. This is the way of truth.

We draw our strength from the great oaks of the forest. As they take their nourishment from the soil, and from the rains that feed the soil, so we find our courage in the pattern of living things around us. They stand through storm and tempest. They grow and renew themselves. Like a grove of young oaks, we remain strong.

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