December 26, 2005


by R.A.Salvatore

Meaningful Quotes
I had to get back on the road north, to my home! A simpler place by far... The pressures of survival overrule many of the trappings of civilization. In the wild, where the domain of nature dominates that of mankind, the often too confusing concepts of right and wrong are replaced by the simpler concept of consequences. In the wilds, you choose your course, you act upon that trail and you accept - for what else might you do? - the consequences of those choices and actions.

Where is the balance, I wonder, between community and self? When does the assertion of one's personal needs become mere selfishness? The person who strives for peace of community instead of inner peace must find just the opposite, I fear. And unattainable goal. For there will always be trouble of one sort or another. There is no paradise in this existence for creatures as complex as human beings. There is no perfect human world, bereft of strife and battle of one sort or another.

How easy it is for a person to overwhelm herself merely by considering too big a picture. The world does not stop for the stars. The errors of mankind continue, and the dangers of nature are ever present. There is no end of turmoil. But far from a terrible thing, I have come to see that turmoil - change - is what adds meaning. I have not found some magical remedy, some honest hope of paradise within the swirl of chaos. No one can make the world perfect. For while perfection is not attainable, the glory and satisfaction lie along the road if all that I can accomplish is the betterment of a single day in the life of a single individual. Then so be it. It is the attempt to do what is right - the attempt to move myself and those around me toward a better place - that is worth the sacrifice. However great that sacrifice must be.

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