January 8, 2006

1/8/06 Christchurch NZ

Mike's brother, George, was flying in today, so we kept close to the hotel waiting for him. Turns out he missed his connecting flight out of Auckland, so we had a long wait.

We all went to lunch and caught up. I hadn't seen George since April of 2001 on my cross-country bike trip. Even though Mike kept me updated, it was still good to see George again.

War Memorial

The Avon River runs right through town

The Bridge of Rememberence

Detail of Maori totem pole

The Christchurch Tram

When we got back to the hotel room, we tried to make space so George could put his bike together. What we kidded him the most about was the immense amount of gear he brought.

For dinner, we went back to the place Roy had taken us, 'Dee-Lux'. I'm trying to eat better (and less). A lot of jokes and horsing around tonight but we turned in early because we have a 5AM wake up call tomorrow.