January 5, 2006

1/5/06 Over the Pacific

The famous tower at LAX

I hate to travel. Now that might seem a bit odd for anyone who knows me, but it's true. At least travel in the modern sense. I really don't care for any form of powered transportation like cars, buses and especially planes. Maybe I just don't like not being in control, speeding here and there like in a cattle truck, packed in like sardines.

But the world is a big place and I love seeing new places and meeting all sorts of people. So, I travel so I can really 'travel'!

Mom dropped me off early this morning for my first leg of the trip, a short hour flight to Chicago. The best part was I was able to check my bike all the way to Christchurch, releasing me from the burden of carrying it around LAX after the second flight.

Ended up spending seven hours waiting to leave Los Angeles for Auckland. Took a break and went walking outside. Actually it was pretty warm. Saw lots of burnt sienna Texas Longhorn shirts, people going home after a victorious Rose Bowl game yesterday.

The time went pretty fast but then I realized I was coming down with the flu/cold. Queezy stomach, sore throat, and achy. Bought some very expensive Alcaselzer at the airport gift shop which helped but it didn't last long. We'll have to see if I'm better or worse by morning.

The pilot says it will be about twelve hours to Auckland. I've already switched my watch to New Zealand time but not sure I can keep awake long enough to change my internal clock. Oh, and I feel real fat today.