January 25, 2006

1/25/06 Queenstown NZ

Today George and I decided to take an excursion to Milford Sound, one of the tourist highlights of all of New Zealand. Mike had already been there twice on other trips, so he stayed back in Queenstown. But it was a long bus ride, so we loaded onto the bus at 6:55AM.

We stopped for lunch at Te Anu, on the border of Fiordland National Park. From there, it was still along drive through the mountains to reach the sea. At Milford Sound, not really a sound but a fiord, we loaded onto boats to take a tour of the Sound.

Spectacular views of the Southern Alps

Sailing our way toward the sea

The famous Milford Sound

Keep heading that way and you'll reach Australia

The cruise ships look small but
can easily carry over a hundred passengers

Seals basking in the afternoon sun

But still not far from snow covered peaks

Bowen Falls 530-ft

After that it was a very long bus ride back to Queenstown, arriving sometime after 8PM