January 24, 2006

1/24/06 Queenstown NZ

Another hot day here. I'm just not used to it. It's only 25ºC but feels like 35ºC to me.

Decided to take an excursion across Lake Wakatipu

I spent the afternoon on an excursion on the TSS Earnslaw, a 1912 steamship that took us across the lake to the Walter Peak High Country Farm. There we were told about different ranching areas that New Zealanders operate, among them sheep and deer.

The Remarkable Mountain Range above

Better fleece if horns are left on

After a tea break with some great scones, we got to watch how a sheepdog works and how the farmer controls the dog. Then we got to watch him shear a sheep. He said it was about nine months of wool. A sheep shearer gets about $1.98 per sheep and on a good day, can shear almost 300 sheep. Even shearing one sheep looked like a lot of physical labor.

To shear a sheep, first turn her over

And in a few minutes, you have all the fleece

One of the many buildings on the farm

And then the Earnslaw was back to pick us up

Really think I'm getting a little sun stroke. While the guys went to a Maori dinner, I ran errands and tried to feel better.