January 13, 2006

1/13/06 Westport NZ

102 km / 382 km total

Even as we rode out of town, the rain was coming down. And it came down for ever kilometer. Rain, rain, and more rain. Sometimes you just get tired of being wet. Which is too bad because the ride was a roller coaster downhill following the Buller River Gorge.

We stopped for a lunch in Berlin. I ordered a cheeseburger and to my surprise, that included sliced beets along with the lettuce and tomato. Well, when in Rome... Not a bad combination and definitely different. But I think once is enough.

The Buller River was swollen to it's banks because of all the rain. It seemed that another river would join the Buller every five kilometers, making it even bigger.

The funny thing was that the rain came down even harder once we reached out destination for the day, the coastal town of Westport. We rode into town, stopped at the visitor center to get directions to the motor park, which turned out to be on the edge of town.

Another one of those times when we just didn't want to put up a tent in the rain. Because of the rain and the tourists, none of the cabins were available, but they did have a caravan available. Why not! A little cozy with three of us, along with all of our wet clothes hanging up everywhere.

Home for the night

Because we were on the outside of town, to get something to eat, we needed to get back into the downtown. So the girls at the motor park office called one of the town's two cabs to take us to the restaurant, Davidner Dog. Actually a pretty good meal. Then another cab ride back.

Back at the motor park, ran into two other cyclists. Rob and Penny live in Australia. He is from New Zealand but went to Australia to work as an electrician, while Penny is a school teacher. They're biking down the coast visiting family. Rob even gave me his parents phone number near Greymouth in case we needed a place to stay. I could have talked to them all night.