September 9, 2005

9/9/05 Madrid Spain

Going to see Cesar & Sonia

Just full of nervous energy this morning. I should have gone running but didn't want to pack any sweaty clothes. Tessie got up to say goodbye. I hope they have a good time here in Málaga.

One last walk along the boardwalk

Thought I was going to have a bad day because my suitcase got caught in the door of the bus. Because I packed it so full, one of the pockets ripped almost completely off.

Had to mail a few more things but ended up waiting for an hour in line. Good thing I was early for the train. Not sure what I expected the station to look like, but it was pretty simple. They're doing a lot of construction on a new station so maybe it will be different later.

We left at 12:45 for the four and half hour trip. Most of the terrain we passed reminded me of the American West. I was surprised how fast we were going for an electric train.

It was good to see Cesar and Sonia at the station. Even after all this time, I cold easily pick them out of a crowd. We went to drop my stuff off at Hostal Mátin. Thought we had a problem with my reservation but they just didn't know Jim was short for James.

Spent the whole evening walking throughout the city center. Had a few beers and some special potatoes at one bar, then more walking and talking. We ended up eating dinner at a place called 'Ultreya' which had a Camino de Santiago theme. And the menu had foods that you would find along the Camino. Cesar ordered a ton of food but we ended up eating it all (Mmm good!) They dropped me off at midnight with a full day planned for tomorrow.

Everything is measured from here in Spain

With Sonia

And with Cesar