September 8, 2005

9/8/05 Málaga Spain

Ingvid's birthday

A giddy kind of day at school. I'm sad to leave my new friends and the wonderful teachers at Málaga ¡Sí!, but I'm also excited to be going, going home, going anywhere. Yippie!

My teachers: Isa, Ana, Ramón

Ramón said that in five years of teaching, he has quite a long list of students who keep in touch but no one from the USA. I've also amassed quite a long list of new friends from different countries to keep in contact with. I will miss them all.

A bunch of us went to the beach together. Today the waves were huge and the water freezing. But because it was a Málaga holiday, the beach was again full. Our group included Katrin (Germany), Julia (Germany), Ingvid (Norway), Veronica (Czech Republic) and Leanard (Germany). I just sat there trying to absorb as much sun as I could on my last day at the beach.


Went down to El Centro later to watch the procession from the cathedral. The city was celebrating the reconquest of Málaga. Actually a very solemn procession.

Later I met Victor and Tessie along with the rest of the gang to celebrate Ingvid's birthday. It was very interesting to eat Chinese food in Spain, but it was the birthday girl's choice. While they went out for a more energetic celebration, I decided to head home.

Happy Birthday Ingvid