September 7, 2005

9/7/05 Málaga Spain

Having a beer

It was actually raining this morning. The temperature stayed cool all day (~23°C) with the clouds rolling in all day. I actually saw people carrying umbrellas.

This afternoon when the sun came out for a bit, I was literally the only one on the beach. One more day, and I go home.

Headed down to the boardwalk to meet Hilary for a drink. While waiting, got a chance to talk to David again. He was telling me about his friends who were headed to Nepal this winter and he introduced me. I really wish him good luck both in medicine and traveling.

Hilary brought her flatmate, Ceri, who is from Birmingham England, but goes to school in Manchester. We had a good time but we all still had class in the morning and it was already past 1am. So I said a final goodbye to Hilary, but maybe I'll see her tomorrow night.

Ceri & Hilary

This trip hasn't been what I planned but for all the people I've met, I wouldn't have wanted it any different.