September 6, 2005

9/6/05 Málaga Spain

Walking tour with Katrin & Hilary

Went this afternoon with Katrin and Hilary on a walking tour towards the city center. I wanted to get some pictures of the varied architecture. I had a good time talking with the girls.

Ah, the beach...

Met my new roommates today – Victor and his girlfriend Tessie from Sweden. Victor's here for three months of beginning Spanish. But he's looking for another apartment on the beach.

Victor & Tessie

Went down to the boardwalk for a beer tonight. And I ended up talking with David, a Spanish med student. He had worked as a waiter this summer and had served me a time or two. It was a good conversation talking about our various health care systems and the patients we treat. And it was all in Spanish. Then his phone and he talked in perfect English. Turns out his girlfriend is from Amsterdam and doesn't speak much Spanish. He's leaving Málaga on Thursday but I might catch him one more time before we both leave.