September 5, 2005

9/5/05 Málaga Spain

Recover from Morocco

Just didn't want to do much today but recover from the trip to Morocco. It's amazing how exhausting that short trip was.

In hindsight I really shouldn't complain much about the trip. The merchants have been dealing this way for hundreds of years. And, since I was traveling with a tourist group, I was 'a tourist'. I th ink the Moroccans would have been less hostile if the tour leader had prepared everyone better when entering a Muslim culture. But we were a group of young people living in a beach culture of Málaga where you wore as little clothing as possible. I'm sure our attire, especially the girls, was unacceptable to a lot of the people who saw us.

My Moroccan carpet

Met everyone, including a few folks from the Morocco trip down at the Tortuga for drinks. Kelly was there with homemade chocolate chip cookies. Yum!