September 2, 2005

9/2/05 Tetouan Morocco

Heading to the Casbah

A very hot day today in Málaga. A fitting temperature for my excursion into Morocco. Looks like we have a full bus of about fifty students. Already, I've met more people than I can remember; Hilary (USA) of course, Richard (Holland) and Kelly (USA). It was at least a couple of hours through the mountains of Spain, from Marbella to Algeciras. There we got on a ferry to cross in front of the Rock of Gibraltar. The boat took us to Ceuta, a Spanish port city on the North African coast. There we loaded onto a different bus to head to the 'frontier'. Going with a tour group sure makes border crossings easier.

Rock of Gibralter

Our Moroccan guide, Abdula, gave us a lot of info about his country and our trip. He said everyone told him he looks like Michael Douglas. So he'd answer to either Abdula or Michael.

Driving through Morocco reminded me more of Kenya but the buildings are still very Spanish-looking. Lots of people walking and little vegetation. But the coast road was busy.

At our hotel, we were greeted by a trio dressed up traditionally playing for the 'tourists'. Actually kind of worn out.

Rockin' the Casbah

Had dinner of soup, chicken kabob, rice and potatoes. Kelly and Richard wet out but I ended up staying in. Not a bad place really. Sort of like a Best Western Hotel.