September 11, 2005

9/11/05 Kansas City USA

Going home!

I had a bit of difficulty checking out of the hostel. It took them some looking to find the receipt that said I paid. When I reached the door, Sonia and Cesar were just pulling up. We stopped for a few minutes to get coffee and churros (a fried dough), then headed off to the airport through the quiet city streets.

At check-in, security was suspicious that I had been in Spain for two months. I had to did to the bottom of my bag to find something that said I had been a student for two months here in Spain, but not sure why. After that, I said a final goodbye to Sonia and Cesar. I'm really going to miss them.

The flight seemed pretty short, only 7 hours. But it always seems strange that I left Madrid at 11am and by the clock arrived in New Jersey at 1pm. Went through customs real fast and another security check before catching my final flight to Kansas City.