September 10, 2005

9/10/05 Madrid Spain

Madrid in a day

I must have been real tired because I slept late, getting up with just enough time to get cleaned up before Sonia and Cesar came to pick me up for more sightseeing.

It was a beautiful day, with a blue sky, cool temperatures and a light breeze. Great weather for walking, and walk we did. We went everywhere in the city center, with both of them giving me a running commentary. I'll have to look at the pictures again to remember everything we saw. The highlights included the King's Palace and the Botanical Gardens next to the Prado Museum. You could spend days here and not see everything.

The King's Palace

Hey, it's Don Quixote!

Puerto de Toledo

Museo del Prado

We had a great lunch, I had a wonderful pimiento stuffed with spicy ground beef. And later for dinner, we met an old friend of Sonia's for another great meal. This restaurant they told me has a waiting lines every night of the week. The bar was packed with people waiting for a free table. Afterwards we went for a drink at an outdoor cafe. Most of the conversation was in Spanish, but every once in a while, they took pity on me and translated the difficult parts. I was actually a little bit cold. There's a new sensation for summer. It was a good last night in Madrid, and in Spain.