August 5, 2005

8/5/05 Málaga Spain

Been thinking of options

The girls were a wee bit tired this morning. When they couldn't sleep last night, they stood at their balcony and yelled down at all the boys who walked past. Just a bunch of giggling school girls. But then 2am came pretty early for them.

Put in a lot of hours on the homework and still was having trouble with the material we went over earlier this week. I hope Ana knows how hard I've been trying. She stopped to help me on her lunch break and tried to tell me not to work so hard on the grammar. She says talking is more important at this point. She said Ramón wanted to talk to me when I got a chance.

Ramón waits for Patricio to answer

It was with a sigh of great relief that Ramón let me choose whether to stay in my current class or to move down a level. It will be going over the same material I've covered in the last five weeks, but I think that will be good for me. I would rather have a good foundation to build on. Plus, I hope this builds my confidence in my conversational skills – that's my weakest area, and what I really need for work back at the hospital.

I have been thinking of options for the end of the trip. I want to see my friend Isaac in Barcelona, but also thinking of taking an extra week here. And for a little more tuition, I could get an hour of one-on-one tutoring with the teachers every day. Everyone thinks I'm this great traveler, but I like a comfort zone just like anyone else, and that includes being able to communicate.

Jan and Tomas taking the girls out dancing