August 4, 2005

8/4/05 Málaga Spain

But I still want to speak Spanish

Didn't feel great this morning. I think the stress of class is leading me to eat more and drink too much.

Before class, Ana asked me a question. I knew most of the words but just guess at the whole meaning. I said “yes” but then she told me the question needed a “good” or “bad” answewr. Clearly my listening and speaking skills are terrible – certainly not up the 'intermediate' standard. I panic every time I think they're going to call on me first in class. If it's someone else, I can usually figure out what we're trying to answer. I'll try and talk to Ana or ask Ramón to talk to her about how I'm doing.

I have three more weeks from next Monday, and I don't want to be stressed out the whole time. Especially since the last two weeks I'll be living with a family. I'm almost ready to quit but I still want to speak Spanish.

At this point I would only recommend an immersion course for those who can carry on simple conversation or have had several years of Spanish in high school or college recently. For beginners or those with only basic knowledge, it's too much material too fast. Immersion is better at perfecting the language skills you already have.

Spanish night at the school

My roommates Gemma and Cheryl

Heard from Isaac in Barcelona. I asked if I could visit at the end of August and beginning of September. We'll see.