August 3, 2005

8/3/05 Málaga Spain

Don't let the Italians use their hands

Actually looked like storm clouds this morning. Blanca was even worried it might rain out our school activity tonight. I asked her when it rained last and she couldn't remember. “Maybe February or March” she said. But she also said this is not normal for Málaga. More global warming I say. But, not to worry, by noon the sky was blue and time for the beach.

I think Josefin will not be in class the rest of the week. So it's me, Jan, Patricio and Gaia. Today I was close to panicking. Ana gave us a writing assignment to do in class and I couldn't understand a word she said. I kept asking questions and thought I had it figured out, but then when everyone read their assignment aloud, I was way off the mark.

For the last nights homework, I got less than half right. Later, Ana gave me a few minutes to try and explain the material to me. I'm just in a no-man's land. I don't belong at this level, but the level below me is where I was when I arrived four weeks ago. Ramón is reluctant to have me do it all over again. My hope is that next week, the Italians will move up, and maybe he'll split the lower level class, bringing a few up, for example Gemma and Cheryl. At least that would work out best for me. But I'll keep trying to work hard but I won't be able to handle this stress four more weeks, that's for sure.

On a lighter note, we played some Spanish word games in class today. Gaia and I trounced Jan and Patricio. We seemed to be on the same wavelength. Patricio was just about to leap over the desk to shake poor Jan, such was his passion for helping he. Ah, the Italian male. [smile] Patricio had the hardest time, when we wouldn't let him use his hands when he talked. You would have thought we cut out his tongue. [laugh]