August 29, 2005

8/29/05 Málaga Spain

It's just me and Katrin now

Class seemed so empty today without Gemma, Cheryl and Tomas. The first two hours, it was just Joanna and I for Ana's class. When Isa's class started, we had a new student, Katrin from Germany. She was a little nervous to be in our class because she has only been studying Spanish at home for 3 or 4 weeks just before coming here. She must have done real well on the exam but she says she doesn't have any practice listening or speaking. I told her that even Joanna and I have trouble understanding Isa because she talks so fast. [smile]


The beach today was empty again, especially after being so crowded yesterday. Kind of cloudy at times. I wonder if that's a signal for a change of seasons.

Went out with Cameron for tapas. Tried a few places recommended by Ana but they were all closed. So, we just popped into whatever was open. Really good.

My new roommates Dirk & Doreen