August 26, 2005

8/26/05 Málaga Spain

Let's go to the movies

Kind of a blah day. I think every one was kind of sad because for a lot of friends, today was the last day of school. Gemma, Cheryl, Tomas and Jan are all leaving Sunday. They've all been here four weeks, so we've all kind of built this bond together. I'll miss them for sure.

Tomas, Cheryl, Joanna, Gemma

Finally, after all those weeks here, Ramón finally showed a Spanish comedy for our Friday film - “qi que sé” with Penelope Cruz. Pretty good, especially because the nerd
gets the the girl. A real happy ending. [smile]

Met Cameron later and we went to a Spanish theater. Here in Spain, you pick your seats for a movie like a concert. No just sitting everywhere. I'm told that some theaters even have ushers to show you to your seat. We saw 'Ninnette' but once the film started, I realized that it wouldn't have subtitles. I could understand most of the Spanish words but I wasn't fast enough to translate it in my head. That's ok because it was a comedy. Humor is usually universal, so I laughed at all the right places.

Later after dinner, I stopped by the girls place. They had another impromptu party going on. Besides the regular gang of Gemma, Cheryl, Tomas and Joanna. There was Jan, Ida and Josefine. One person I hadn't seen in a while was Ruska from the Chezk Republic. She was here when I first arrived but soon went home. She said she had come back for another two weeks of Spanish. A beautiful girl.