August 24, 2005

8/24/05 Málaga Spain


Took a long walk along the beach almost to the lighthouse towards the center of town. It's just amazing the beauty you see in all shapes and sizes.

Sometimes I reflect on why I am here. Basically, I want to communicate with people. Learning a language is one way to do that. But to learn the language is also a glimpse into the culture too. If you look at problems between people, whether that is between individuals or nations, it usually starts with a failure to communicate. Most of the misadventures on this trip have been both from my misunderstanding or me being misunderstood. The key though is to keep the avenue of communication open despite these problems, so that everyone might begin to understand. Yes, that's why I'm here.

Decided to join the school's excursion today even though I'd been on the tour before. Met Paulina (Sweden) who is a medical student taking a short break before her final, and toughest year in school. Ramón actually took us to a few churches I haven't seen. They were all open because rosary was being said. Just beautiful inside. Wish I had some pictures, but thought it would be rude to do so during services.

A beautiful church

Afterward we went to the teteria 'El Harem'. This time I had a milkshake instead of tea. Can't wait to get home and have a 'real' American milkshake.

Got home and my new roommates are asleep already. Hopefully I'll get to meet them tomorrow.